The Language of the Universe (needs an interpreter)

Signs. Signs. Everywhere are signs…. if only we could interpret them the right way.

I’ve spent the last couple of years praying, pleading, asking, begging, manifesting, and wishing the Universe would send me a sign; any sign. Show me the next step; give me a lucky break; send me a vivid dream that lays out the path; have a mysterious person show up at just the right time please! Anything!

But instead, I get silence. Or so it seems.

I’ve always envied those stories of the luckier folks, who say that they had a grand vision one day while down with the flu, or they had a dream about a small store in Taos and they woke up and understood that the Universe was telling them to go to Taos. Maybe they woke up and starting typing, and the Universe gifted them a book in the making.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been strongly drawn to the written word, quotes in particular. I assign so much meaning to words and quotes, and use them to fuel me when I need strength to move forward.  One quote in particular comes from my favorite author and my favorite book, Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist”. I’ve had this quote hanging in various spots throughout my house for years:

“When you want something, all the Universe conspires
in helping you to achieve it.”

I’ve been spending some time lately learning that the Universe doesn’t exactly speak loudly, nor does it speak in my language. It really speaks in more of a whisper. I’ve learned that I have to pay very close attention to things, and maybe to also interpret each oddity, each chance encounter, each moment that causes my sixth sense to perk up… to interpret them quite a few different ways before I can quite understand what it is the Universe is trying to tell or teach me.

Manifesting what we want and what we need is hard. Raising our vibration is hard. I’ve spent multiple decades living through some pretty low vibration situations. In fact, I think I was born to two humans who were on the lowest possible end of the vibrational scale, thanks to generations of dysfunction that were handed down. It has taken me a lot longer than I would like to turn this ship around, and sometimes, I find the work too exhausting, and give up.

But I know I have to keep trying, keep listening, and that there is proof out there; I know it works; I know the Universe does care and wants good things for each of us. Read  or listen to interviews or autobiographies of some of the most spiritually enlightened or authentically successful people out there, and they will all give credit to the Universal flow of life.  To literally drawing in that which you seek.

What I’ve come to learn, is that the Universe isn’t always going to just plop what we want in our lap. We’ve got to do some of the work ourselves to get the flow going.

Don’t be surprised at how quickly the Universe will move with you once you have decided.”

I was reading a book recently, the title of which I will keep to myself at this point, and in one particular chapter the author attributed the following incorrectly to Goethe, when in fact this lovely passage was written by W. H. Murray:

“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favour all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamt would have come his way.”

I look forward to committing myself in the near future; to taking that first step that allows the Universe to work its magic and start showing up in my life in unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance…..   Recently the Universe connected me to a kindred soul who just took off on an adventure of a lifetime, and I was inspired to write this blog post after reading about how the Universe was showing up in her life after she took the first step. You can read her post over here.

“Since I made this decision to go on a walkabout, leave the life I have known for something better and something more fitting to me, what I need seems to fall out of the sky. I have a really deep and authentic feeling of calm and peace (that alone is new) and I find that the Universe takes care of me. Like what is supposed to happen just happens. What I need just seems to present itself. I also find that I am WAY more open to those gifts than ever before. The less I stress about something, the quicker the situation resolves itself. Like magic.” – Michelle Pingree

The same author of the book that for now shall remain unnamed also quoted from Conversations with God, Book 1, by Neale Donald Walsch:

“So go ahead now. Ask me anything. Anything. I will contrive to bring you the answer. The whole universe will I use to do this. so be on the lookout… The words to the next song you hear. The information in the next article you read. The story line of the next movie you watch. The chance utterance of the next person you meet. Or the whisper of the next river, the next ocean, the next breeze that caresses your ear – all these devices are Mine; all these avenues are open to Me. I will speak to you if you will listen. I will come to you if you will invite Me. I will show you then that I have always been there. All ways.”

For longer than I can remember, I’ve had a calling to take a grand adventure that involves travel; that involves making a massive and scary and crazy change in my life, one that involves letting go of my income and my safety nets and the life I’ve spent 23 years working to build. I’ve planned this adventure to death, worn out my friends who have little support left to offer me as they start to disbelieve I’ll ever pull the trigger, and I’ve stood on the ledge pacing back and forth for a long, long time….  letting one excuse after another build a fence holding me back from jumping.  But I’ve also learned that we are ready when we are finally fucking ready, and not one second sooner. Sure we have to create the lives we want and take some risks and not be afraid to change, but sometimes we have to wait for things seen and unseen to alchemize before we are ready for change. I’ve lived through that experience one other time in my life, and I can recall the exact moment I became “ready”.  I waited and waited and waited and thought I was ready many times before that, but one day – BOOM! just like that, I knew it was time. And I changed. I did the scary thing.  Just like that.

Not too long ago, as I decided to try and listen a little harder to the Universe, to get really quiet and observant and turn my left brain off, I drove right by this sign in my own neighborhood.  The old me would have thought “oh that’s cool – I love that quote, totally drawn to it!” Now I know better… that sign was meant for me – and the Universe put it right in my neighborhood because sometimes I need to be hit upside the head with a ton of bricks before I can interpret what the Universe is saying.


Churchsign (2)

How does the Universe speak to you?

p.s. – well for crying out loud if the Universe didn’t play some crazy game with me today…. I am on my Spring Hermitage which I will write about later, and wandered into Driftless Books today to look around. The first book I saw drew my eye in and I picked it up and read the back, then slid it back onto the shelf, only to find that two books away was sitting Conversations With God, Book 1 and Book 2. And their neighbor was a book about HSPs (highly sensitive people), another book I’ve been wanting to check out. So FFS of course I had to buy all three. For $9.00. Score. Thanks Universe!

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