Getting My Hygge On

The year 2019 has arrived, and I gracefully slid into it from a hygge-induced state of complete contentment, which is a rare and special occurrence for me after almost a year and a half of schlepping myself through the Valley of Despair.

One of the things I kind of despise about America is our ability to turn any trend into, well, an obnoxious trend that you are suddenly inundated by online, in advertisements, in social media, in stores, on morning show TV segments…   As a good example, see 2018: “The Year of the Llama”, where we apparently needed a llama branded onto everything from bath towels to our Christmas wrapping paper.

But the trend of Hygge, now that is something I can get behind. And I’ve become damn good at it.

One of the positive changes I made in my life in 2018 was to stop uttering the words “I don’t have enough time”, and replace them with “I haven’t made the time,” because lets be honest – we all have 24 hours in a day. Before I was promoted to my high-responsibility, high-stress job, my previous boss used to always take the two weeks off during the Christmas and New Year’s holiday, and one of things I looked forward to the most when I was promoted to her position was to do the same. “Oh, how nice that must be!” I thought to myself, at the same time that I cursed her in my jealous rage of having to work over the holidays to keep up with year-end tasks. Continue reading